We are backed up by research that has been published in peer reviewed journals and cited by world-renowned experts in Patient Safety, High Reliability and ​hospital Risk Management.

Why are we different?

Avvocato (the Italian word for Attorney)  can add a fresh new approach to your medical-legal and risk management needs by providing the latest in the statutes, regulations and case law applicable to the medical profession. 

Why choose us over others?

Avvocato provides expertise with their recent experience in what really happens in hospitals and healthcare.  Our principal and her expert consultants have recently held or currently hold positions in hospitals, medicine and healthcare administration.  We are NOT retired with out-dated experience.

​​Avvocato has experience and knowledge as fresh as a California Avocado.

Avvocato prides itself on expertise in the latest in medical technology, interpretation of electronic medical records and the latest in High Reliability Organizational concepts as applied in critical care departments of hospitals such as surgery and high-risk obstetrics.

Avvocato, LLC

A Fresh New Approach

Medical-Legal Consulting